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7 Phenomenal Video Games


We know that computer games can be addicting to some extent. That shouldn’t surprise us. With these phenomenal video games that burst into the arena, it is easy to understand why people are getting hooked. Let’s have a rundown of the top 7 video games that changed the world.

  1. Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy franchise is phenomenal, period. It has drawn a lot of RPG aficionados closer through the characters in the games. Each title is different, each series offers an amazing challenge that players love keeping up with. But among the entire series, it is the 7th installment that really created a lot of steam, topping the sales charts everywhere. (more…)

PC Games to Watch Out For This 2014


Though consoles are getting the upper hand because, well, they’re shiny and easier to control, PC games are definitely not dead. Not for a long time. What consoles lack in technical excellence you can find in computer games.  In fact, lots of cool games are going to be released this year, and here are only five of them:

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft has come up with yet another near-future game set in Chicago. In this game you’re Aiden Pearce, a hacker who can get inside CtOS, the central operating system of Chicago. He hacks CtOS through his smartphone which has multiple applications like “profiler” and “crime prevention system”. He virtually knows everything about each citizen. He uses these to follow potential criminals and curb the execution of crimes. (more…)

Social Gaming Trends in 2014


Social gaming is itself a trend but it has become so big that it now has multiple types and trends have emerged out of it. Of course, social gaming here refers to games played on social media or at least those that connect players through social media. Growth in social gaming increased as smart mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers have become ubiquitous. Over the course of time, different types of games or ideas in social gaming have become more popular than others.

So what are these trends? The list below presents the top four concepts or ideas that are clearly becoming trends in social gaming this year.

1. Challenges – It’s a given that games are supposed to be challenging to keep players from getting bored. Developers understand this that’s why they never make games too easy. There has to be the element of being challenging. As much as possible, there has to be different layers of difficulty or challenges. To reduce monotony, many social games now feature time pressure and tournament modes. Games also feature non-linear levels or different game levels that can be achieved after completing certain tasks or collecting certain items within the game. “In-game appointments” or games that have specific schedules agreed upon by players are also becoming popular. These games emphasize the social aspect of social media gaming while effectively reducing monotony that will expectedly arise after playing the same game over and over again.

2. Free Games Monetized through Advertising and In-App Purchases - This is another noteworthy feature of almost all social games nowadays. It’s a rarity seeing for-a-fee games at present. Most games can be freely played but they come with ads in an attempt (of developers) to make money out of them. There are also developers  that make use of the “in-app purchase” option to monetize their games. These in-app purchases can be availed by players for various reasons. Typically, such purchases are for coins, lives, new levels, or specific items that augment gameplay.

3. Mashups – Another interesting trend in social gaming is the mashup of different genres or different games. Game developers know that need to make their games more exciting and better than what others are offering. Recently, the results of these efforts to stand out are mashups games that may feature elements of RPGs, MMOs, strategy, shooter, and other types of games. Also, there are games that feature characters from other games or adaptations of such characters.

4. Bridging Platforms - Lastly, game developers at present are acknowledging the fact that they can’t just focus on one platform. Players are no longer playing social media games with just their desktop and laptop computers. As tablet sales grow while PC sales decline, it’s only logical to produce games that can be played on more platforms. Similarly, developers are also recognizing the need to work with different operating systems. The iOS, Android, and Windows divide cannot be ignored. Add to that the fact that compatibility issues also exist between and among older and newer versions of different operating systems. To reach more players, games need to be compatible with different platforms.

Social gaming will likely remain as one of the staples of mobile gaming for a long time. The trends will expectedly change as influenced by various factors. For gamers, this is not something to worry about. However, for game developers and publishers, being aware of what gamers want is a must.